1UZ-FE V8 complete engine 4.0l lotus excel toyota eaton supercharged



I’m offering for auction the complete engine, erm long block? Everything forward of the transmission engine wise. Engine is currently still in the car and runs like a fn champ. I will remove the engine out of the car before pickup. The car is a ‘supercharged v8-powered 1987 Lotus Excel” google it, yes, that’s the car, just a bit rougher in shape Again car runs GREAT! No title, no BOS! As-Is! Where is! Contact for more information, more pictures, video etc etc etc. This auction *ONLY* pertains to the engine and nothing more. Nothing past the the trans, and what you want forward minus body/frame/etc; ask if unsure please. eaton m90 w58 5-speed hilux brutal speed tuning clutch right hand drive lotus lexus my god google give me more words!