2004 MINI COOPER motor engine 1.6 base model



This is an engine out of a 2004 mini cooper base model. it is the 1.6 that had a manual transmission. it is complete minus the starter motor. the engine was tested and driven before the car was dismantled. this can be cleaned up, installed and used. the miles are unknown. the car was showing 240k on the gauge but this was not the original engine to the car. Due to size and weight I can only ship engines within the continental United States. Shipping rates are shown below. You must pick one of the options below before I can add the charge to the invoice. Shipping rates are as follows:$250 to a business address if you have a forklift there to unload it.$350 to a business address if you do not have a forklift to unload it.$450 to a residential address.