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    Occasionally, your engine may let out a noisy groan and you realize it is time to be proactive. And, once in a while, engines give us no notice whatsoever before succumbing for their fate: nothing but destroyed pistons and valves remain behind. Buy used Acura engines from a network of Acura salvage yards and engine importers offering up to a 2 year warranty on certain engines! Inside our supplier’s stock, you’ll find used Acura engines for numerous vehicles, such as fuel and diesel models. To get the best quality second-hand engines and second hand gearboxes or submit the inquiry form.

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    Everything You Need To Know About the Acura MDX Engine

    From the Acura MDX to RDX, every model in the lineup has their own unique engine. The engines are all high-performance and efficient while still being suitable for different kinds of driving. Knowing about them will help you understand each vehicle better. This article is going to highlight some specifics that relate to specific models or variations on a given model so it’s important that if you have an original question, be sure to get more information before moving forward!The first two types of engines we’ll talk about are used in 2014+ Honda Odyssey minivans as well as 2016+ Honda Pilot SUVs. These vehicles use either a V-TEC (Variable Valve Timing) VTEC Turbo four cylinder engine with a redline of just over 6000 RPMs or a VTEC Turbo V-six engine which has been tuned to produce up to 280 horsepower.The third type of engines is the Honda HR-V’s on offer in 2015 and 2016 models, including an L15BA I-VTEC four cylinder non turbo engine that can be found under the hood producing 141 HP at 6600 RPMs or an optional upgrade 160 HP variant known as the L16A six cylinder naturally aspirated engine. With this model there are even more options (and upgrades) available for drivers who want something truly unique! If you like customization, especially when it comes to your ride, there are many ways you can make changes to suit your style.The last engine we’re going to talk about is the Honda Ridgeline truck, which has a unique T-Series V-six under its hood. This one can be found in three different versions: 280 HP and 262 lb/ft of torque (Ridgeline Sport), 258 HP and 273 lb/ft of torque (Mid-level RT) or 247 HP and 269 lb/ft of torque on the standard version - all with an aluminum alloy block! The mid level offers more power while still maintaining efficiency thanks to a higher compression ratio than it’s counterpart. These engines were made for everyday driving but also provide enough power for off road adventures as well! If you want something that will work hard during the week and then take you on a weekend trip, this is the one for you.

    Common Acura MDX Engine Problems

    The Acura MDX comes with a V-TEC engine that produces up to 273 horsepower. It also features direct injection technology and variable valve timing, which help increase fuel economy while still maintaining power output. This is one of the most common engines in this lineup so it’s important to know some of its problems.One common issue you might come across if your vehicle has been involved in an accident or was improperly repaired from prior damage is trouble shifting gears - especially between reverse and drive! There have been reports of drivers having issues with hesitation when driving at higher speeds as well as stalling out right after starting their car. If you experience any high RPM revving without going anywhere, be sure to get yourself checked out by a professional as soon as you can!If your vehicle has been experiencing trouble shifting, lack of power or stalling out right after starting it might be due to a transmission issue. Replacing the clutch and flywheel is one common solution but if there’s still an underlying problem, it may need further attention from trained technicians who know what they’re doing. If this sounds like something that could describe some issues you have had with your car lately, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today so we can help!

    Acura MDX Engine Codes

    There are two different types of engines under the hood of Acura’s midsize SUV, which you can find out more about here:L32A L33A – Naturally aspirated V-six engine with a redline of 6700 RPMs that produces 247 HP and 269 lb/ft of torque. This variant also comes with an aluminum alloy block. R35A – Turbocharged six cylinder DOHC VTEC engine made from cast iron with a redline around 6000 RPMs - depending on your specific model! It creates 280 horsepower along with 273 lb/ft or torque but is known for being one of the least efficient in its class so it may be best to upgrade as soon as you can.L15BA L16A – Non turbocharged four cylinder engine with a redline of 7000 RPMs that produces 141 HP and 160 HP depending on the specific model you have chosen - both requiring premium gasoline to run efficiently! It has an aluminum block, which helps prevent overheating compared to traditional cast iron blocks. R20A – Turbocharged I-four VTEC engine made from lightweight materials like magnesium alloys as well as reinforced steel components for added strength. Depending on your exact make and model this one might come in two different options: either producing 280 horsepower or 258 horsepower along with 273 lb/ft torque but it’s also known for being rather inefficient so upgrading could be beneficial if you want something more rare!You may be interested in a 2006 Acura Tsx Engine for sale