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    Let Engine Finder Help You Find A Used 2014 2015 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 6.4L SRT ENGINE LIFTOUT WITH AUTO TRANS!

    [gallery] Untitled Document Model: GRAND CHEROKEE 2014 Year: 2014 StockNumber: Odometer: 35287 Miles VIN: 1C4RJFDJ5EC479693 Color: [MAROON] Part Comments: ITEM MAY FIT OTHER YEARS AND MODELS. CHECK WITH 74 AUTO OR DEALER PRIOR TO PURCHASE IF UNSURE OF FITMENT. ITEM IS USED AND MAY SHOW SIGNS OF WEAR. INSPECT ALL PICTURES AND ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL US ONLY. ALL SALES TO AK AND PR ARE FINAL. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Interchange Information: also fits the following models: GRAND CHEROKEE 2014 - 2015 6.4L (VIN J, 8th digit, sales ID ESG) 74 Auto is the nation's largest repairable vehicle dealer! Questions? Contact us using the eBay Message link above! Certificate of Limited Warranty 74 Auto LLC Warrants All Parts for 90 Days To The Conditions and Limitations Below 74 Auto LLC is continuously striving to be a leader in the automotive recycling industry. The utmost care is taken in dismantling, testing, and cleaning of the parts you have purchased. If a problem should occur, the following procedure shall apply: All parts come with a 90-day limited warranty unless otherwise stated. All engines are warrantied against cracked cylinder blocks or heads, bad cam and crankshafts, and excessive smoking. The used engine purchased must have new oil and filter upon installation and every 3,000 miles thereafter, and proof must be maintained. Oil leaks, such as gaskets and seals, are not covered under warranty, Replace recommended parts, then follow up with the installer to thoroughly check other parts which may have contributed to the original engine failure, Your used engine should begin operation under the same conditions as the original engine. It is recommended that the parts listed below be replaced: Spark Plugs Thermostat Air/Fuel/Oil Filter PCV Valve Plug Wires Water Pump Oil Cooler/Sending Unit Fuel Injectors It is also recommended that you also replace or thoroughly test and inspect the following: Radiator Cap All Hoses and Belts High Tension Wires On all vehicles with engine oil coolers the engine oil cooler and lines must be inspected and flushed or replaced to protect your warranty. This warranty does not cover attached items or accessories (such as but not limited to water pump, fuel pump, carburetor, fuel injectors, distributors, computers, etc.) Transmissions are warrantied to be in good working order against slippage or shifting failures. Transmissions must have new seals, filter kit & oil installed upon installation into vehicle. Transmission coolers and lines must be flushed, cleaned and inspected. All sensors, wiring, cables, brackets and/or diagnostics and computer function is the responsibility of the installer. Failure to do so will result in voided warranty. Vehicles which have 74 Auto LLC engines or transmissions installed must have proper capacity cooling systems and be in good working condition. Proper oil levels and cooling levels must be maintained at all times for warranty to be valid. Warranty is void if heat tabs are melted or removed. Defective engine or transmission must remain installed until an authorized 74 Auto LLC representative confirms the part defective. All warranty claims must be presented and approved by an authorized manager of 74 Auto LLC within a period of 90 days from original date of purchase for warranty to be fulfilled. All warranty work must be done by 74 Auto LLC or an approved shop, or permission to do work must be given by an authorized employee of 74 Auto LLC. 74 Auto LLC, at its option, may either replace the part, repair the part or refund the original purchase price. Consequential or incidental damage will not be covered under this warranty. Warranties on any product sold shall be in effect only for the duration of the express warranties contained, herein and upon conclusion of the expressed warranties herein, there shall be no warranties expressed or implied including merchantability, and the fitness for use on the product sold. This warranty is not transferable and does not cover damage if parts are used in connection with racing purposes, off-road purposes or vehicles equipped with racing equipment, or damage by accident or misuse. If you are not qualified to perform an installation, do not attempt it. Improper installation will void your warranty. WARRANTY IS VOID WITHOUT RECEIPT. 25% restocking fee will be charged on all returned parts. ALL CORES MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A RECEIPT. No cores accepted after 30 days. Cores must be returned complete, including all accessories and hardware sold with the original purchase, unless otherwise stated on the invoice. 74 Auto LLC does not assume responsibility for: towing charges, fluids, refrigerant, fuel, filters, lay up time, lodging, vehicle rental, telephone charges, travel, injury or damage to persons, personal property, commercial loss, normal diagnostic time, loss of revenue or other matters not specifically included. BROKERED OR ORDERED PARTS, i.e.. ANY PARTS SUPPLIED BY VENDORS OTHER THAN 74 AUTO LLC ARE EXEMPT FROM ALL 74 AUTO LLC PARTS WARRANTIES. SUCH PARTS WILL ONLY CARRY THE SUPPLYING VENDOR WARRANTIES. ALL COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONIC CONTROLS INCLUDING POWER CONTROL MODULES, RADIOS, AND INSTRUMENT CLUSTERS ARE SOLD AS IS AND ARE NOT RETURNABLE AND/OR REFUNDABLE. THESE PARTS CARRY NO WARRANTY. Located in Sikeston, MO, 74 Auto LLC is one of the leading repairable/salvage auto dealers in the world. We are innovators in our industry, fast moving and fast growing, we set the bar for our competition. We have built a worldwide client base and have gained the trust of many body shops, exporters, and overseas dealers. As a true volume dealer, we use price and expertise to our advantage. Repeat business is the key to our growth and we strive every single day to do the best job possible for our customers, they are our #1 priority. With our bulk buying power and network of insurance contracts, we have a wide selection of quality late model repairable vehicles and parts. We have no buyers fees and we will answer every question you ask and send any image you request. Our goal is complete transparency and to provide our buyers with the best vehicles and parts at the lowest prices. If you are a competitive shopper, we will earn your business. For our dealer and body shop customers, we take out the guesswork of auctions and the risk of buying cars with severe hidden damage.