2019 Dodge Ram Promaster 2500 Van 3.6L Engine AND Transaxle VIN 8th Digit “G”




We now have pulled a 53,000 mile gas engine and transaxle from an undamaged 2019 Avoid Ram ProMaster 2500 Shipment, 159″ Prime Roof. Engine and transaxle in very best running order, Deploy carrier to be had for extra price in our retailer on Bainbridge Island, WA if Purchaser is native. Critical inquiries will obtain a video of the engine’s remaining force and compression take a look at effects. $2900 takes the pair. Once more, 0 recognized problems at the engine, we’re changing ProMasters to electrical force. Purchaser is chargeable for right kind fitment and Deploy. Deploy to be had in our retailer on Bainbridge Island, WA for an inexpensive price.