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    Looking a used BMW B58 Engine for sale?

    Looking for a used engine for your BMW? Look no further than Used Engine Finder. We have a large network of auto wreckers and engine importers, so you can save time and deal direct.

    The BMW B58 Engine is a 6-cylinder in-line architecture that features a base in aluminum alloy. It has a bore and stroke of 82×94.6 mm and a displacement of 2998 cm³. The engine is distributed to a double axis overhead camshaft and has cylinder heads with 4 valves per cylinder. Phase variation is through bi-VANOS and Valvetronic systems.


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    These are the characteristics of the B58 engine : 6-cylinder in-line architecture ; base in aluminum alloy ; bore and stroke : 82x94.6 mm; displacement: 2998 cm³ ; distribution to double axis overhead camshaft ; cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder; phase variation through bi-VANOS and Valvetronic systems ; direct injection power ; turbocharging by turbocharger; compression ratio : 11: 1; crankshaft on 5 main bearings. It is a 3-liter 6- cylinder engine intended to complement and later replace the N55 engine. The B58 engine becomes part of a wider family of new modular engines, which also includes 3 and 4-cylinder units, both petrol and diesel, all united by the fact that they have a large number of components in common, so as to reduce production costs. For example, both the B58 engine and the other engines have the same unit displacement, equal to 499 cm³. The only exception is the cheaper variant of the three-cylinder petrol engine, with 1.2 liters of displacement. It is also interesting that the B58It is adaptable to any schema supercharging by the turbocharger. A normal, twin-scroll, twin- turbo or tri-turbo turbocharger can be mounted on this engine without major adaptations. The turbocharger can also be of the fixed or variable geometry type. [saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0="h3" question-0="What Cars Have the B58 Engine?" answer-0="BMW G11/ G12 (740i/Li) BMW F32/ F33/ F36 (440i) BMW F30/ F31/ F34 (340i) (began 2015) BMW F20/F21 (M140i) BMW F22/ F23 (M240i) (till 2020) 2017 - 2019 BMW G30/ G31 (540i) BMW F32 (640i) BMW G01 X3 (M40i) 2018 onwards BMW G02 X4 (M40i) (till 2019) BMW G05 X5 xDrive (40i) BMW G07 X7 xDrive (40i) BMW G29 Z4 (M40i) 2019 onwards BMW G14/ G15/ G16 (840i) (till 2020) BMW G20 (M340i) BMW G21 (M340i) BMW G02 X4 (M40i) 2020 onwards BMW G06 X6 xDrive (40i) BMW G30/ G31 (540i) (2020) BMW G11/ G12 740i Morgan Plus Six (2020) BMW G32 640i Toyota Supra (2020) BMW F22 (M440i) BMW G01 X3 (M40i) 2021 till present BMW G30/ G31 (540i) BMW G14/ G15/ G16 (840i) Toyota Supra BMW G42 (M240i)" image-0="" headline-1="h3" question-1="Is the BMW B58 a good engine?" answer-1="The BMW B58 engine is an impressive piece of machinery. There is no other six-cylinder engine on the market that comes close to matching this mix of qualities. In point of fact, it is quite unlikely that any other engine now available can compare to it. That's how fantastic it is." image-1="" headline-2="h3" question-2="How much horsepower does a B58 engine have?" answer-2="The BMW B58 engine is a turbocharged 3.0L inline-6 that was initially made available in BMW automobiles in the year 2016. It comes out of the factory with a reasonable 322-382 horsepower and 332-369 lb-ft of torque. However, with a few fundamental modifications, the engine has the potential to generate more than 500 horsepower." image-2="" headline-3="h3" question-3="How long do B58 engines last?" answer-3="It is never an easy question to answer how long a motor will continue to run. There is no definitive answer to this question; but, in principle, the B58 should continue to function for as long as you are willing to continue making repairs and doing routine maintenance. Both the components and the overall architecture are more than capable of lasting for more than 200,000 miles." image-3="" headline-4="h3" question-4="Is B58 twin turbo?" answer-4="The B58, much like the N55, is equipped with a single twin-scroll turbo. It also has direct fuel injection, variable valve timing (which BMW refers to as double Vanos), variable valve lift, and variable valve lift (called Valvetronic by BMW)." image-4="" headline-5="h3" question-5="Is the B58 in the Supra?" answer-5="The 2023 GR Supra is only available with the BMW B58 engine." image-5="" headline-6="h3" question-6="How much HP does downpipe add B58?" answer-6="A B58 with an improved downpipe will add around 10-15 whp even if no other modifications are made to the vehicle. This is just the result of improved turbo spool and increased turbo performance efficiency. However, the benefits are magnified on automobiles that have been modified in other ways." image-6="" headline-7="h3" question-7="Is the B58 better than the N55?" answer-7="The B58 offers significant advantages over the N55 from the very beginning of the rev range, and these advantages are maintained throughout. The B58 and the N55 both have relatively similar boost curves, however the B58 generates about 4 PSI greater boost than the N55 does over almost the entire rev range." image-7="" headline-8="h3" question-8="Is the B58 a v6?" answer-8="One should not mistake the B58 engine with the S58 engine, and that is the higher-performance variant of the engines that can produce power of up to 503 horsepower. To summarize, the engine has a displacement of 3.0 liters, a cylinder diameter of 82 millimeters, a piston stroke of 94.6 millimeters, and a single dual scroll turbocharger." image-8="" headline-9="h3" question-9="What size turbo is on the B58?" answer-9=" The 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-six found in BMW's B58 engine was voted the best engine by Ward's in 2016. In the history of the Wards ten Best Engines list, BMW has established a new record with 32 awards won since the list's inception in 1995. The latest B58 3.0 liter inline-six turbo engine is the most recent powerplant to be recognized with the coveted accolade." image-9="" headline-10="h3" question-10="What changes did Toyota make to the B58?" answer-10="The B58 in question has had more than just its tuning altered; the hardware has also been modified. A new exhaust manifold with six ports rather than "six into two" and altered pistons bring the compression ratio down from 11:1 to 10.2:1, respectively." image-10="" headline-11="h3" question-11="Does the B58 have an intercooler?" answer-11=" The B58 engine does, in fact, come equipped with an intercooler. It is not, however, the typical intercooler configuration that one would find on the majority of turbocharged automobiles. The B58 intercooler employs a "indirect" water-to-air cooling system, in contrast to the majority of forced induction engines, which utilize a "direct" air-to-air cooling system." image-11="" headline-12="h3" question-12="Is the B58 engine tunable?" answer-12="The B58 replaces the N54 as well as N55 engines, which were both extremely tuneable and capable of producing a lot of horsepower with just a few minor modifications." image-12="" headline-13="h3" question-13="Is the B58 better than the S55?" answer-13="When compared to the S55, the B58 is capable of producing much greater power all the way up to 5800 RPM, as well as over 100 HP more at 2500 RPM." image-13="" headline-14="h3" question-14="What year did the B58 come out?" answer-14="The manufacture of BMW's B58 started in 2015, and the engine was first installed in 2016's 40i models. The B58 engine in early versions had either 322 or 335 horsepower, while the B58 engine in MPPK (M Performance Power Pack) vehicles has 355 horsepower." image-14="" headline-15="h3" question-15="How much does it cost to build a B58?" answer-15="To construct the bottom end will likely cost about $1500 in labor, depending on how much an hour is paid. Include an additional $500 to $1,000 for the construction of the head. It really depends on what it is that you're doing. To construct the bottom end will likely cost about $1500 in labor, depending on how much an hour is paid." image-15="" count="16" html="true"]