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    BMW N53 Engine For Sale

    This small family is an evolution of the N52 family, from which it differs for the new direct injection fuel system, which allows better combustion of the air / petrol mixture inside the combustion chamber. This system, called HPI ( High Precision Injection ), makes use of piezoelectric injectors. Another important difference between the N53 and N52 engines is the absence of the Valvetronic system, due to the lack of space in the cylinder headof the engine due to the direct injection system (located near the spark plug on the intake side, just like in the N54 engine). There are three N53 engines : two of them are derived from the 3-liter N52 while the third derives from the other N52 engine, namely the 2.5-liter one.

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    It is the lower displacement version, derived from the 2.5-liter N52. Its general construction characteristics are maintained, such as the bore and stroke measurements (82×78.8 mm and the displacement of 2497 cm³. The maximum power is 190 HP at 6300 rpm, with a maximum torque of 235 Nm at 3500. r / min. This engine replaces the 2.5 made the N52 177 hp (which has, however, continued to be mounted on the first series of the BMW Z4 ) and has been applied only on the BMW 523i E60 / E61, produced from 2007 to2010.


    It is the 3-liter version, derived directly from the 3-liter N52, of which it retains the bore and stroke measurements (85×88 mm ) and the total displacement of 2996 cm³. There are four variants of the 3-liter N53 : the difference between them lies in the delivery values. The less powerful version delivers 204 hp at 6100 rpm, while the maximum torque is 270 Nm already at 1500 rpm. The more powerful version, on the other hand, reaches 272 HP at 6700 rpm, with a peak torque of 320 N · m at 2750 rpm.

    In between are the two intermediate versions, 218 and 258 hp. These are not to be confused with the versions of the 3-liter N52 that deliver the same power. The 258 HP N53, for example, delivers 310 Nm, while the indirect injection N52 delivers only 300 Nm of torque.

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