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BMW N62 Engine For Sale

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    This family of engines replaces the previous M62 family, of which it retains the main general characteristics, namely:

    V8- type architecture ;
    90 ° angle between the two banks;
    monobloc in alusil with silicon barrels ;
    aluminum alloy heads ;
    cylinder heads with 4 valves per cylinder ;
    distribution with two overhead camshafts per bank ( DOHC scheme );
    one-piece crankshaft ;
    fractured connecting rods.

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    The four engines that make up this family occupy a range intended for higher segment or even luxury cars. The displacements are between 3.6 and 4.8 liters. The characteristics of each of these 4 motors are shown below.


    This is the basic engine among those belonging to the N62 family. It was born on the basis of the M62TUB35 unit, of which the stroke has been extended, from 78.9 to 81.2 mm. The bore, on the other hand, has remained unchanged at 84 mm. The total displacement therefore rises from 3498 to exactly 3600 cm³.
    The performance values ​​also undergo an increase: the maximum power goes from 245 to 272 HP at 6200 rpm, while the maximum torque rises from 320 to 360 Nm, available however at 3700 rpm instead of 3200.
    This engine has been mounted only onBMW 735i / 735Li E65 / 66 ( 2002 – 05 ).


    This engine has bore and stroke measurements of 87×84.1 mm, so as to reach a displacement of exactly 4000 cm³. Maximum power reaches 306 hp at 6300 rpm, with a maximum torque value of 390 N m at 3500 rpm. This engine was mounted on:

    BMW 540i E60 (2005- 10 );
    BMW 740i / 740Li E65 / 66 ( 2005 – 08 ).


    This third version of the N62 family is directly derived from the equivalent version of the M62 family, from which it takes up the overall dimensions. Also this engine therefore has bore and stroke measurements equal to 92×82.7 mm, and therefore the displacement of 4398 cm³ is also identical.
    This engine was proposed in two power variants.
    The first variant delivers a maximum power of 320 hp at 6100 rpm, with a peak torque of 440 N · m at 3700 rpm. This engine was mounted on:

    BMW X5 4.4i E53 ( 2003 – 06 );
    In the case of the second series of the X5, the E70, the engine has been slightly revised and its maximum torque becomes available at 3600 rpm instead of 3700.
    The second variant of this power unit delivers 333 hp at 6100 rpm with torque maximum of 450 N m at 3600 rpm. It was mounted on:

    BMW 545i E60 / E61 (2003-05);
    BMW 645Ci E63 / 64 (2003-07);
    BMW 745i / 745 Li (2002-05);
    Morgan Aero 8 (2001-08).
    In 2002, this engine dominated the International Engine of the Year competition, both in the overall ranking, both in the “Best new engine” category, and again in the “Over 4 liters” category.


    This engine is the top version of the N62 family. With a displacement of 4799 cm³, given by its bore and stroke measurements (93×88.4 mm), this engine has been proposed in three power levels, which are very close to each other.
    The first variant is credited with a maximum power of 355 hp at 6300 rpm, while the maximum torque reaches 480 N · m at 3400 rpm. This version has been installed on the BMW X5 xDrive48i E70 (2007- 10 ).
    The second variant of this engine delivers 360 hp at 6200 rpm, with a maximum torque of 500 N m at 3600 rpm. It was mounted on the BMW X5 4.8is E53 (produced in the period 2003-06).
    The third variant of the N62B48 unitinstead it delivers 367 hp at 6300 rpm. The maximum torque is instead of 490 N · m already available at 3400 rpm.


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