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    [gallery] VEHICLES APPLICABLE * Call to ensure your VIN number ***Please call for a Greatly Reduced shipping quote to AK, HI, the East Coast, Mountain, Southern & rural areas in america***Core and shipping is additional cost, not included*** MACHINE WORK PERFORMED ON LONG BLOCK ENGINES * BLOCKS BORED/HONED * ENGINE BLOCKS DECKED * SURFACE RENEWED BY MILING * ENGINE AND HEADS CLEANED * CYLINDER HEADS PRESSURE TESTED * CRANKSHAFT GROUND AND POLISHED * VALVES HAVE 3 ANGLE VALVE GRIND * CONNECTING RODS RECONDITIONED * NEW PIN BUSHINGS INSTALLED * HEADS CHECKED FOR THICKNESS SUPERIOR ENGINE INVENTORY Engines-USA has been serving the engine industry for over 20 years. We are circle of relatives owned and operated and produce and sell ONLY Remanufactured car engines. We specialize in all vehicle makes and models and are committed to providing the very best quality engines for both consumers and mechanics. We provide a large choice of Japanese, European, British, & American Engines. 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On the other hand, the customer is answerable for arranging for shipping international themselves. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska are an additional cost and please call for pricing prior to ordering. Residential shipments are an additional $55, Liftgate assistance is $55. We handle over 20 different freight companies and assure your engine arrives safely. All engines shipped from our warehouse arrive fully insured and steel strapped preventing the engine from moving around. The engines are all wrapped in a heavy duty nylon, and fully insured. Tracking information is provided by the use of email to be able to allow let you see what day and time the engine arrives. Engines are shipped wrapped in durable stretch wrap, ensured to offer protection to your engine on its excess of for your destination. The product is securely tied down the usage of 1/2 inch steel straps tightened with a tensioner. Tracking information is sent over by the use of Email, and you are going to be kept up-to-the-minute as to the exact day the engine will arrive at your house or business facility. CORE RETURN PROCESS Engines-USA sells engines on an exchange basis. The core charge isn't included within the "Buy it Now" price but indicated under item specifics as an additional and separate deposit. This essentially implies that we sell you a remanufactured ZERO Mile engine, with the intention of receiving your old engine, or the core deposit. The Core Deposit is listed at the top of listing, and that is an ADDITIONAL AMOUNT wherein the customer is invoiced one after the other for. Once you are prepared to send to your core to receive the core deposit back, please call our customer service at (818)577-9326 and our shipping department will schedule the return shipment for you. You do not want to do anything rather then ensure that the core engine is securely tied down to the similar pallet we shipped your engine on. The engine will have to be drained of all fluids, and have the similar parts we sent at the re-manufactured engine (no more and no less). Your core is vital to us in order that our engines are consistently in inventory. If the core isn't returned within 30 days there shall be an additional charge added onto the core deposit and the deposit shall be forfeited. We think all core internals such as crankshaft, camshaft, block, & heads be in normal wear and tear condition, and NOT cracked or broken to qualify for the FULL Core Reimbursement If the core isn't completely rebuild-ready you should still receive a partial reimbursement depending on what parts can still be used. Below are actual photos of examples of what is also regarded as NON Rebuild-ready Cores. For further questions in regards to the rebuild-ability of your core, please call one in all our sales associates to speak about the condition of the core. Pictured above is an example of an internally broken engine block. Pictured above is an example of internal damage done to the engine block and cylinder walls. Pictured above is an example of a damaged core that requires line boring. When your core arrives at our shop it undergoes a 10-14 day inspection process. Our technicians examine the motor and note any major internal damage done to the core. We think to receive an engine in normal wear and tear condition with the intention to return your core deposit. Any damages found right through the inspection process shall be noted and your deposit shall be prorated accordingly. Click Here to View my Other Auctions! ***Please call for a greatly reduced shipping quote to AK, HI, the East Coast & rural areas in america***