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JDM Honda K24A Engine RBB Acura TSX K24A2 iVTEC Honda 2.4 200HP 3 Lobe TRUE VTEC For Sale

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    More Info On JDM Honda K24A Engine RBB Acura TSX K24A2 iVTEC Honda 2.4 200HP 3 Lobe TRUE VTEC

    Everything You Need To Know About The Honda K24A Engine

    The K24A was the first of Honda's modern engines to feature i-VTEC. It was also their first V6 since the early 1980s. It is an all-aluminum 60° V6, with a bore and stroke both measuring 86mm. This smooth, quiet engine features the latest in Honda's automotive engineering, producing 240 horsepower at 6200 rpm and 159 ft-lbs of torque at 5000 pm. It also provides excellent fuel economy for its class, with an EPA rating of 19/28 MPG (city/highway). The K24A is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, featuring a helical Torsen Limited Slip differential. It is also offered with an optional 5-speed automatic transmission.

    What cars have the K24A engine?

    You can find the K24A engine in the following vehicles:
    • Honda Accord (2008–present)
    • Acura TL (2006–2012)
    • Acura TSX (2004–2012)
    • Acura RL (2005-2009)
    This engine is not to be confused with the Honda K20. It shares no parts with that engine and should not be repaired using those parts either. The K24A is a unique and separate design from its predecessor.

    Is the K24A a good engine?

    The K24A is a great engine. It provides smooth, linear power in most applications and features one of the best transmissions in front-wheel-drive cars (the 6-speed manual transmission). It's not uncommon to see these engines last well over 100,000 miles with regular oil changes. The engines are commonly modified by enthusiasts, with the most common modification being a larger engine oil cooler.

    How much horsepower can a K24A handle?

    The K24A can handle horsepower upgrades of up to 300-350 BHP. Any more than that will require significant modifications to the engine's internals and will ultimately decrease the durability. Most K24A Hondas are seen with bolt-on intake/exhaust/turbocharger combinations providing 180-240 HP, well over the factory-rated horsepower of 240 BHP.

    What are some common problems with K24A Hondas?

    The following are some common problems that may occur when owning a Honda with this engine: Timing belt failure is a prevalent problem among K24As. If you plan on modifying your car, it is highly advised to replace the timing belt every 60,000 miles. Failure to do so will result in almost certain engine damage. A failed timing belt symptoms include power loss, hard starting, and an illuminated check engine light. If you plan on modifying your K24A, it's also strongly advised to install an adjustable cam gear (also known as a 3-way cam gear). Failure to do so will also result in engine damage from timing belt failure. Failed coil packs are another common problem among K24A owners. A failed coil pack symptoms include car not starting, car stalling while driving, and an illuminated check engine light. Replacing these is very simple on most K24As. The worst problem among K24A Hondas is compression sealing when the aluminum head gasket fails and locks in place on the cylinder liner. Symptoms of this problem include: power loss, hard starting, very noticeable decrease in fuel economy, engine oil consumption (the engine will burn 1 quart every 600 miles), an illuminated check engine light, and decreased components lifespan."

    Is K24A the same as K24A2?

    Yes. K24A and K24A2 are the same engines, with a different model number based on the market.

    What is the difference between a K20A3 and a K24A?

    The major differences between these engines are as follows:
    • K20 - SOHC VTEC 16V
    • K24 - DOHC 24V i-VTEC
    • K20 - 154hp @6400 rpm, 122 ft-lbs of torque @4400 rpm
    • K24 - 240hp @6000 rpm, 159 ft-lbs of torque @5000 rpm
    • K20 - 84mm bore x 90mm stroke, 10:1 compression ratio
    • K24 - 86mm bore x 86mm stroke, 10.5:1 compression ratio
    • K20 - 30 degree included valve angle
    • K24 - 60 degree included valve angle

    Which k24 is best for boost?

    All k24s can handle boost. The A2 and A3, in my opinion, are better for it, though.

    How do I boost a K24?

    First, you need to upgrade all of the internals (i.e., pistons, rods, valve springs). If you plan on running a meager boost (~8psi), then stock rods and valve springs will be fine. Typically any decent turbo kit will come with upgraded valve springs and high-end rods (I've heard some people say they use factory Honda bearings when building a K24 for boosted applications). Be sure to get a 3-wire O2 sensor compatible with your ECU (many aftermarket ECUs will not come with this wire). Then you need to upgrade the intake/exhaust manifolds, intercooler (if applicable), and downpipe. Lastly, you will need an appropriate tune to handle the increased horsepower.

    I have a 2001-2005 Accord. Is my engine compatible with any K24s?

    Unfortunately, no. The K24 was introduced in the Honda CR-V in 2002, which means if your car is not equipped with it from the factory, then chances are it's not available for your car. However, aftermarket swaps have several options, including K20A2/3/4 or H22A1 (mainly used by racers). It's possible to make these engines work on your accord using Hondata's EF series for Hondata S200.

    How much is a k24 engine swap?

    Typically it's about $2,000 to get the engine in. You will need mounts (engine and transmission), ECU, intake manifold, downpipe, injectors, header or full exhaust system, clutch kit (if you are doing manual), flywheel, axles. If your car has ABS, you will need to swap the complete ABS over.

    Are all K24 heads the same?

    No, they are not. There are A2 and A3 heads. The difference between them is as follows:
    • A2 - Provides slightly better airflow at high lift compared to the A3 head but sacrifice a bit of low-lift flow
    • A3 - Slightly worse airflow at high lift compared to the a2 head, but provide slightly better low-lift flow

    Are all K series blocks the same?

    All K series blocks are the same except for the following:
    • A2 - Intake manifold with EGR port for Accord/TSX
    • A3 - Intake manifold with EGR ports blocked off, only compatible with H22 and F23 manifolds

    How much does a k24 block cost?

    It typically runs about $400

    What are the dimensions of a K24 block?

    The short block measures about 21.4", the long block measures about 23.5", and the deck height is about 10.4".

    How do I make a K24 block fit in my civic?

    If you are swapping an engine, you will need to either use your stock transmission cross members (you may require a few cutting modifications) or purchase an aftermarket cross member compatible with the k series engine. If you are swapping into an unmodified Civic, you will need to purchase or fabricate custom motor mounts. As far as the wiring harness goes, it's possible to take apart an existing harness and use your factory engine plugs. If you are swapping into a chassis that has never had an engine swap before, it may be easier to cut out the entire engine bay wiring and purchase a complete k series conversion kit.

    Final Thoughts

    The k series engine is a great platform to build off of for boosted applications. It provides a good powerband and excellent reliability. Many engines have been taken to 9+ psi without issue. If you plan on running your engine completely stock, the K24A will be fine; however, if you plan on adding forced induction later down the line, it is best to do some engine modification (such as headwork). If you plan on doing an engine swap, be sure that the chassis you plan on using has not already had any engine swaps completed. This will save you money and headaches.