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Tuned turbo motor Engine 5.3L VIN T LM7 From Silverado, Escalade, Tahoe, all day For Sale

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    More Info On Tuned turbo motor Engine 5.3L VIN T LM7 From Silverado, Escalade, Tahoe, all day
    [gallery] Welcome to my auctions! you are bidding on: 1x 5.3L Escalade Engine setup for turbocharger Effortlessly 15-18psi of boost (500-600rwhp) in day by day driver application the usage of 93 octane fuel Already has all new gaskets (front & rear main seal and cover, valve cover, head gaskets), refurbished heads, new OEM oil pump, and a gentle turbo cam 'sloppy stage-1' w/ PAC 1218 valve springs Camshaft is made by Trickflow Dyno Day: Note this dyno day was once on the most up to date day in Florida conceivable. I made 15 passes in the most brutal weather and coolant never went over 202*F!! I have in my opinion done and documented the entire work to this engine. Then, I tested it in a day by day driver for 27,000 miles as my only vehicle on gasoline. The engine runs absolutely perfect and has never misfired once. It's still installed in the car so I can give test rides. Engine will stay in the car until payment received in full. It only takes me 1 day to take away an engine. TR7 iridium for the ultimate safety. The reason I am sell is because I am upgrading to an L33 engine which is lighter and has higher compression ratio, for you to give better economy since I drive the car on a regular basis. *ONLY* Bank wire or Cashiers check is accepted for payment. *ONLY* Bank wire or Cashiers check is accepted for payment. *ONLY* Bank wire or Cashiers check is accepted for payment. You can also come check the car out, we will drive it around for hours, You'll be able to hear and feel the power and reliability. To see any documentation for parts and pictures please see BUILD THREAD: by day-driver.2559833/ You'll be able to take a look at the car driving around in my youtube channel for the past 3 years: Engine does not come with the oil pan that may be in the car. I can provide a factory oil pan from escalade or tahoe trucks so the engine can also be shipped. I'd prefer to sell local , prepare to pay full cost for shipping if you wish to have it shipped, plus additional handling fees. I am a student and i shouldn't have free time for packing up an engine pallet. Prefer you're taking it in a truck local. Engine Includes: Camaro style accessory system with Power steering, new alt, new water pump, new belt tensioner, new belt. All aligned properly and tested at high output. No issues, ever. 4-port steam crossover installed and functioning. Stock taking a look valve covers and original coil packs (Unless you wish to have the painted ones, idc) LS1 Intake, Fuel Rail, Throttle body Fuel Injector Clinic 60lb injectors Complete bottom end with heads, cam, springs, valves, lifters, intake manifold Harness and computer or even turbocharger and manifolds are to be had at additional cost. Entire car is to be had as well. I build a different car each and every few years so its no issue to sell the whole car as a rolling driving entity. I think this price is excellent because a good filthy engine will run 700 to 1000, then you wish to have 400 in accessory setup, only to find the alt and water pump and tensioner and belt is all old and must be replaced so add some other 200 for all that. Then you wish to have to re-furb the heads, a set of 862 will run 300 shipped, plus bolts are 50, plus gaskets if you wish to have good head MLS gaskets they're around 100. Then you wish to have a new oil pump is 100. A cam and spring is 300 + 125 respectively. An OEM seal for the front is 45, the rear one was once 30. New camshaft sensor was once like 60 but I bought it from a auto-store and not online. It has a life-time warranty though and I kept the records. New crank sensor was once 30 I think. new plug wires 60. Then 80 for knock sensors and harness. Plus 400 for the intake, 100 for the rail, 50 throttle body, 550 for injectors. Its over 3700 to do all this even with great deals on the entire parts and free labor And then you still have to clean it, tear it apart, do all that work perfectly by the book, install all those seals and clean the entire surfaces properly, level the engine, drill a hole for the alt bracket and so forth... I'm mainly doing the entire labor free and giving a good deal at the parts. Consider you went to shop for an engine they usually offered a package to fully refresh the entire seals and then test the engine for you, that is mainly that. I comprehend it doesn't leak or smoke and that it starts easily, runs great. I did the whole lot the usage of the FSM, I have 20 years experience building and maintaining day by day driver turbo cars of a wide variety It's not that i am a mechanic I do not work at any shop. I never have. Fast cars is a Hobby, not my job. This car was once made out of love of auto mechanics. Of building a reliable day by day driver and then trying to share that working combination with any individual free. When done right, its like a truck reliability. I love this car, it is hard to take apart a running car thats already impressive but I simply will have to know if an L33 will give it an edge in economy or not. Calculations say I could get just about 1mpg just from losing 120lbs. Alot of people don't realize what a turbo and a 4l80e can do to a truck engine 02-07 still, any individual of them. I am a researcher/student, I have limited funds to make use of from a federal grant to shop for materials useful in cancer research. School gives me a tuition waver to be a Teaching assistant or every so often a grant pays my school fees. I must be careful with each and every cent or else I can't even eat, so whilst you see the cost bear in mind that you are going to get what you pay for. There is not any hidden fee or extra charge... Add each and every single item up and its exactly what the price is here. This is not a "GOOD DEAL" Either, There is not any discount, you are getting exactly what you pay for and nothing extra for free unless you ask for it and we agree. So if you're if truth be told becoming serious ask me for a list of items and I can list each and every single item included down to the wrist pins so we are clear what is coming before you pay.